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Finally! You Can Now Draw Like A Master...

Pencil Drawing Techniques That Are Step-by-Step And Easy To Follow For Any Skill Level. If You Always Wanted To Learn How To Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits like A True Master Artist Then Look No Further For This System Will Show You Without Wasting Your Precious Time and Going Through The Years Of Trials And Errors Of Doing It On Your Own. ANYONE Can Learn To Draw A Realistic Pencil Portrait Regardless Of Their Current Talent, Skills, And Techniques...


Dear Artist,

The creator of this remarkable system is called Christopher Sia and he has been drawing pencil portraits for 5 years. Within these 5 years he has taught thousands of his students to draw as well.

When Christopher started to learn how to draw realistic pencil portraits he was considered as a struggling so-called artist because of the many times he had failed to produce any real results.

Obviously, this was very frustrating for him.

Christopher couldn’t even draw a decent pencil portrait because he wasn’t gifted in drawing.

He attended expensive drawing classes and spent much of his hard-earned money from his part time job doing so, but didn’t learn the drawing styles necessary to achieve a realistic pencil portrait of a human.

Christopher looked back at his first pencil portrait drawing form 2006 which was a time when he really did not understand how to unlock his full potential.

At that time he thought it would be a good idea to share his drawing with all his friends —but they laughed at his portrait drawing techniques.

Because He Was Not Gifted In His Drawing Techniques, Most Of His Friends Told Him To Give UP!

Christopher compared his friends pencil portraits against his own, and felt that he was not as skillful in comparison to his friends.

Still till this day, he keeps his first pencil portrait drawing on his drawing table as a reminder of how far he has come in his journey to be a master pencil artist…

Drawing of his first female pencil portrait

After years of trials and errors, he is now able to draw a pencil portrait like this...

Female picture

This success did not come overnight. He has been putting in the time and effort practicing almost every day to attain a higher level of pencil portrait drawing.

There was a time though... for about one year where he did not improve his pencil drawing techniques at all.

After achieving the results that he thought he wanted, he then started to put his focus on teaching others, at the expense of himself. 

Since he was teaching others around this one year time frame, he lacked the practice time which was needed to further improve his own drawing abilities. Christopher had stated himself on saying “My pencil drawing techniques became stuck at the same level without improvement.”

Christopher had a mindset problem, he was satisfied that he had stopped improving his pencil portrait drawing skills because he thought it was where he needed to be.

Lack Of Practice Time For His Drawing Techniques Is No Excuse

Here is where it gets interesting; everything changes for him in one day...

Christopher had been invited to attend an event that was organized for every pencil portrait artist to share their art with everyone.  

He suddenly did not feel so satisfied anymore. He had thought he was good enough to master the art of pencil portrait drawing... until he met many masters of pencil artists who were far better than him.

Suddenly, he felt like he was on the bottom of the totem pool in comparison to them.

Being around these masters inspired him greatly, but it also made him dissatisfied with his own skill level.

This event had opened his eyes to rethink his approach…

He sat at his drawing table analyzing all of his previous pencil portrait drawings… and as time passed he thought of some different drawing techniques. These techniques were a different way to make portraits more realistic and lifelike. 

With these new ideas he began to practice drawing every day as if he were trying to crack some sort of secret code to get to the next level of his drawing style.

The old saying "practice makes perfect" is so true!

After months of practicing these new drawing tips...

He Finally Uncovered The Drawing Techniques Necessary To Create Realistic Pencil Portraits

Christopher is going to show you the secrets he has uncovered in this letter...

The new level which Christopher calls “The Real Master Level”

When Christopher taught his students he discovered that they often achieved the same results in a very short period of time- 2 to 3 months.

Christopher was really amazed to see his students learn even faster than he did.

And much to his surprise, some of his students were teaching his drawing Techniques on their own.

What is interesting is some of his students have even earned commissions from their work with satisfied customers for their drawing pencil portraits.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you ever felt stuck? That you weren’t fulfilling your artistic potential?   
  • How long have you been trying to learn to draw portraits like a master, but couldn’t breakthrough your current level of pencil portrait drawing?  
  • Have you been spending most of your time practicing without attaining the results you want 
  • Have you been looking at some pencil portraits over and over again, wondering how can I learn drawing styles like that? 
  • Have you kept searching for the right pencil drawing techniques everywhere, but ended up just reading a lot of descriptions that did not help? 
  • Have you thought that the only way to reach a “master level” was with natural talent? Or that only people with an art degree from a university or art school can be artists?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve came to the right place!

ANYONE can learn to draw a realistic pencil portrait regardless of their current talent, skills, and techniques.

Let me share a belief with you...

I believe that you too... will be ABLE to create your own stunning pencil portraits at a “real master level” just like these...


Pencil drawing of a mans face


Anothr Pencil Portrait of a woman


Pencil Portrait Drawing of a Celebrity


I believe that anyone that has a desire to be a real artist in there hart can use Christopher’s secret drawing methods to create realistic pencil portraits like a true master…and impressing everyone around you, along with your friends and your family. 

Here is a tip, drawing realistic pencil portraits is not as hard as you think once you understand the methods. 

Christopher has uncovered the methods for you …


He has uncovered the three main secrets that will guide you to the next level—the “real master level”—of pencil portrait drawing...

Here are the secrets...


Secret One: Focus on mastering the depiction of every facial feature individually. 

Secret Two: Observe the small details in every facial feature. 

And the third Secret is: Learn to see what others cannot see.

That Sounds Simple But Why Do So Few Artists Know About Thses Secrets?

As Christopher continued to surpass his own drawing abilities over time he realized in the process of mastering pencil portrait drawing that...

Too many beginner artists and veteran artists are too busy trying to learn EVERYTHING and not focused on the few important drawing tips that is only needed to create a realistic pencil portrait.

Christopher’s goal is to not have you be one of these artists.

In fact, He would like you to be among the few artists who know about these “real master level” secrets.

Just know that it is your turn to go to the next level of pencil portrait drawing techniques, but not just any level...

The “real master level.”


"Drawing Techniques For Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery" Home Study Course

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home-Study Course


Christopher has compiled all that he knows about the “real master level” of pencil portrait drawing into a comprehensive guide.

This is truly a step-by-step guide for achieving a particular outcome. With this Realistic Pencil Portrait Drawing Mastery Home-Study Course, you will be able to follow the exact steps Christopher uses to create his works of art. With this course you will be able to follow along with Christopher as he draws every facial feature in detail.

If you want to achieve mastery in a short period of time I am sure that this course will help you succeed in your ambition.

Here is a breakdown of the 5 lessons of realistic facial features drawing:


Lesson #1: How To Draw A Realistic Eye Like A Master

Drawing Lesson #1


To draw a realistic eye, it is extremely important they are drawn precisely. Drawing the eye most be analyzed closely to portray the emotion of your subject. Capturing these emotion characteristics is key to unlocking the realism in a human subject.

You will learn in this lesson important methods dealing with the eye:


How to draw a realistic Eye



  • How to avoid the BIGGEST mistakes for drawing the eyeball, eyelids and iris. 
  • Learning the SECRET method for overcoming the complicated problem of observing the eyebrows that most people failed to know. 
  • Discover how to draw the iris in a whole new way without just filling in with darkness and makes it more realistic.  
  • Discover the method of drawing small details on eyes without using a kneaded eraser. 
  • An easier way of drawing an area that looks extremely complicated with highlights, shadows, and eyebrows without frustration. 
  • Learn the correct way of drawing eyelashes so you won’t spoil your entire realistic eye drawing. 
  • Learn how I draw the skin around the eye so you can also "copy" exactly the same and enhance the realistic effect of your eye drawing. 
  • A total of 55 pages, 127 illustrations and images to show you exactly how I draw a realistic eye with step-by-step well explained descriptions. 

Lesson #2: How To Draw A Realistic Nose Like A Master

Drawing Lesson # 2

When it comes to the nose there is no room for mistakes. The reason is that the nose is a noticeable feature on the face and requires special pencil techniques to create a realistic pencil portrait drawing.

You will learn in this lesson important methods dealing with the nose:

How to Draw a realistic Nose

  • A quick basic explanation about nose drawing before you begin to draw a realistic nose like a master.   
  • Discover one of the most IMPORTANT keys to draw a realistic nose. By knowing this, you can avoid the mistake made by most artists   
  • Discover my secret method of drawing nose details that look complicated in an easier way without asking yourself where you should start. 
  • Discover a simple way of how to identify the direction of the light source so you know what part of your drawing should be darker.   
  • Learn the correct way of drawing the hole of the nostrils in front view. Be careful if you don't know about this, one tiny detail of this can literally spoil the realism of your nose drawing. 
  • Discover the secret of drawing tiny little details that will make your nose drawing look extremely realistic and learn the correct way of drawing the tiny little details.   
  • A total of 49 pages, 163 illustrations, close-ups, and images to show you exactly how I draw a realistic nose with step-by-step well explained descriptions. 

Lesson #3: How To Draw A Realistic Mouth And Teeth Like A Master

Drawing Lesson # 3 

A realistic mouth leads to realistic expressions. The mouth will give the presence needed for your subject. Getting these methods down is vital to bringing your work of art to life.

You will learn in this lesson important methods dealing with the mouth:

How to draw a realistic Mouth

  • Learn the direction of how the lips flow. Knowing this will help you to achieve realistic effect in every of your mouth drawing.   
  • Learn how to avoid the 3 common mistakes beginners make when it comes to drawing mouth and teeth. You can literally spoil the realism of your mouth drawing even if you make just any one of these mistakes.   
  • Discover the way how I draw lips vertically and horizontally to create the complicated texture effect of human lips. 
  • An example of drawing lips to create the bumpy effect that makes the mouth realistic.   
  • Learn how to prevent from over-drawing teeth that will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to erase when you're drawing darker areas around teeth. 
  • Discover my easy way of rendering the complexity of the lips in the highlight area of the drawing, helping the mouth become three dimensional.   
  • A total of 24 pages, 61 illustrations, close-ups, and images to show you exactly how I draw a realistic mouth and teeth like a master with step-by-step well explained descriptions 

Lesson #4: How To Draw A Realistic Ear Like A Master

Drawing Lesson # 4

There are many types of ears and many common shapes, but this by itself does not give it realism. The ear needs to be observed to its finest detail and projected on to the artwork itself.

You will learn in this lesson important methods dealing with the ear:

How to drawa realistic Ear



  • A quick explanation that you need to know for better understanding of drawing ear before you begin this lesson. 
  • Discover the most important ear parts that you MUST keep in mind when you're drawing a realistic ear. 
  • Discover how you can memorize the inner parts of ear in an easier way within seconds.  
  • Learn how to draw the outline so that shading and detail for the rest of your realistic ear drawing will be easier. 
  • Discover my personal method of drawing the details for ear so you can avoid struggling. 
  • A total of 35 pages, 126 illustrations, close-ups, and images to show you exactly how I draw a realistic ear like a master with step-by-step well explained descriptions. 
  • A quick explanation that you need to know for better understanding of drawing ear before you begin this lesson. 

Lesson #5: How To Draw Realistic Hair Like A Master

Drawing Lesson # 5

Many artists often say they hate drawing hair. The drawing styles in this course will have you saying the opposite. When you learn the methods described in this home study guide, you will enjoy drawing hair and making your pencil portrait drawing look realistic. Here is s secret: It will be a whole new way of drawing realistic hair.

You will learn in this lesson important methods dealing with the hair:

How to Draw realistic hair


Discover the faster and easier way of drawing realistic hair that will save a lot of your time. Not only that, your hair drawing will look even better than that of other artists who spent hours on it.

Learn the “two strokes method” that I discovered to add more realism to your hair drawing which will save your precious time without spending hours to draw exactly like the reference picture.

Learn how you can add more realism to your hair drawing in just 2 minutes without any hard work involved.

Clear explanation of dealing with hair by "drawing" with kneaded eraser. If this is your first time learning this, prepare to get excited about it. 

A total of 45 pages, 128 illustrations, close-ups, and images to show you exactly how I draw realistic hair like a master with step-by-step well explained descriptions.

Discover the faster and easier way of drawing realistic hair that will save a lot of your time. Not only that, your hair drawing will look even better than that of other artists who spent hours on it.

Learn the “two strokes method” that I discovered to add more realism to your hair drawing which will save your precious time without spending hours to draw exactly like the reference picture.

Thses Secrets Are Yours In Just 5 Minutes From Now!

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home-Study Course’ is available via instant download!

You can be learning this home course at the comfort of your home and be well on your way to go for the next "real master level" and begin to create stunning pencil portraits from now just by learning the drawing techniques I will be teaching you in this course.

There are total of 208 pages, 605 of illustrations, and images-- to guide you step-by-step with descriptions through the entire home-study course. 

As you can see, what is being giving away is everything that you need to know in order to create realistic pencil portraits

Here is What the Students Are Saying About Christopher's Drawing Techniques In The Testimonials Page


But Wait! 


With this Home Study Guide come many Bonuses … 

Christopher is giving away these Bonuses to further aid your success to achieve "real master level". When you take action today, you’ll also get FREE instant access to additional exclusive bonuses. 


Additional Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #1 Yours FREE
(Value At $9.95)
5 Lesson Process Maps
5 Process Maps 

These process maps should be viewed before reading the main course. Viewing these maps first will give you a clear picture of what and how you're going to draw in 5 of the lessons. 

After going through the 5 lessons in the main course the next step is to view the maps again to know what steps to follow for your next pencil portrait drawing.

Each of the process maps is specifically designed for each lesson so that you can absorb the ideas and steps quickly and easily. 


Exclusive Bonus #2 Yours FREE 

(Value At $29.95) 


100 High Resolution
Reference Pictures
 Reference Pictures

Practice makes perfect. You won't improve your pencil portrait drawing techniques if you don't practice it. So,  Christopher has hand picked 100 high resolution reference pictures which will guide you along with the home- study course.

Christophereven edited all 100 of them to meet the criteria of going to “real master level” just for you. These 100 high-resolution reference pictures (divided into 70 faces and 30 facial features) allow you enough pictures to move from drawing individual facial features to drawing the entire face.


Exclusive Bonus #3 Yours FREE 

(Value At $97) 

 Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises

12-Weeks Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises

This bonus is the 12-Weeks Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises that have been designed exclusively to help you get the MOST out of this home-study course.

Inside these exercises, you will find even more information that is revealed to you in the home-study course. They are only 1-6 pages in each exercise but they cover the MOST IMPORTANT METHOD that you need to know for drawing realistic pencil portraits.

The exercises are divided into 3 stages for every 4 weeks. From stage 1 beginner level in the first 4 weeks, stage 2 intermediate level in the following 4 weeks, to stage 3 the "real master level" in the last 4 weeks.

Trust me, if you complete them, you will be well on the way to becoming a “real master.” As a matter of fact, if you just follow and complete these exercises without learning from the home-study course, you will still see tremendous improvement in drawing pencil portraits.

And the best thing is, you don’t even need to spend a few hours a day on them. Each exercise only takes 15-30 minutes a day to complete.



The skills that this Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery home-study course will help you build will make you proud. Just look at all the lessons and bonuses that I’ve prepared for you.

From today, you no longer have to keep practicing the same way, and getting the same results.

And I'm NOT talking about drawing a decent pencil portrait, I'm talking about a lifetime skill of drawing realistic pencil portraits like a master.

If you were searching for these drawing skills yourself, it would easily take you months or even years to discover them. But obviously, you DO NOT have that kind of time because YOU WANT to enjoy the process of drawing realistic pencil portraits now. You’re getting a road map to get you right to the "real master level" even faster than I did without months and years of trials and errors. 

Or, if you go ahead to buy several art books, attending workshops and art courses, you'll end up spending over $300 or more. Mind you, other art books are filled with lengthy descriptions with only a few completed illustrations for you to figure out how to draw the steps but NOT with this home-study course. 

If you decided to order now, I’ll let you access it for a one-time payment of only $47!

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 You see, whenever my students thank me for helping them to achieve drawing success, I feel really happy because I know that I just helped a person to achieve his/her dream of becoming a master pencil artist. 

I know that this home-study course will also help you to go beyond your current level of pencil portrait drawing like my students, without frustration of practicing and quitting their passion.

You’ll get to download the entire home-study course instantly to your computer within 5 minutes from now.

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Life Time Updates 

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I will be with you for the long term to find ways to make the entire home-study course better and more complete

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To Your Drawing Success, 

 Christopher Sia

Founder of the Realistic 
Pencil Portrait Mastery



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